Green Valley Milk

Old fashioned values - taste, freshness & long shelf life.

Plenty of the best.

Green Valley process organic & non organic milk, most of our organic milk is piped directly from Marphona milking sheds to our factory to provide the consumer with "farm fresh milk" handled in a modern facility.

Green Valley is proud to provide the consumer with the freshest quality milk available today.

Our milk goes directly from the dairy parlour to the process plant where it is treated gently to retain the old fashioned values of a great product - taste, freshness & long shelf life.

Green Valley Dairies is a fully independent milk company operating since June 2003. Owned & operated by the Pulman Family the farm is recognised as one of the leading quality dairy farms in New Zealand.  Marphona Farms supplies milk of the highest quality and is used in a number of brands and special products requiring the freshest milk.

Green Valley are  export registered with MPI and hold AsureQuality Organic Certification.  Marphona Farms was the first New Zealand Dairy farm to obtain a Registered Product Safety Programme (PSP) with New Zealand Food & Safety Authority.