Heilala Vanilla

100% Pure Vanilla products for foodies around the globe.

Plenty of the best.

A true example of a pacific partnership that is working. Fresh to the Chef is proud to provide processing services for Heilala Vanilla. The richest grade of Vanilla in the Asia Pacific with an aroma, shine and plumpness coveted by chefs worldwide.

A partnership of two Pacific families

united by a passion for the world’s most sensual and exotic flavour & aroma

Behind this most intoxicating vanilla lies a story. What started as a gift of land from a Tongan chief turned into an aid project and then a flourishing business. Our family was lured by the unspoiled beauty of the Vava’u Islands in the Kingdom of Tonga and the beautiful people. Using our horticultural background and research facilities in Tauranga New Zealand, a Vanilla Plantation came to pass.

The richest grade of Vanilla in the Asia Pacific region calls for lots of tender love and care. The most perfect and natural growing environment meant that we were off to a good start. Add to this our organic growing principles and you get vanilla grown in organic virgin soil, on coconut husk frames, hand pollinated and dried under the Pacific Sun, then stored at optimum conditions to ensure full flavour develops. This is what gives our 100% Pure Heilala Vanilla (of the Bourban variety) its distinctive aroma, shine and plumpness!