Great People, Great Products

We work with the very best of local suppliers to supply the very best of clients

We source the highest quality fresh products and can offer the most extensive range through the relationships we have established over the years with our suppliers. Through these relationships we can offer a year round wide supply of consistently high quality food products.

Meet some of our Suppliers, Customers and Brands

Raw Earth

Raw Earth products are designed to reduce prep time and wastage, make menu costing easier and are a cost effective alternative to whole products. Our Raw Earth brand adds assurance of quality, freshness and food safety.

Harmony Meats

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our meats go from pasture to plate with absolute care at every stage. How an animal lives, adds more quality and flavour to the meat than any other aspect of the process. And our process is meticulous.

Ikatere Seafood

Ikatere sources the freshest possible fish, seafood and shellfish from various trusted suppliers and incorporating it into our brand to give customers a one stop shop.

Green Valley Milk

Green Valley process organic & non organic milk, most of our organic milk is piped directly from Marphona milking sheds to our factory to provide the consumer with "farm fresh milk" handled in a modern facility.

Frozen Fresh

Fresh to the Chef proudly supplies Frozen Fresh with fresh prepared vegetables & dairy products for their innovative frozen & chilled meals.

Frozen Fresh is a NZ owned and operated, specialty foods manufacturer based in the sunny Bay of Plenty. Frozen Fresh cooked up the idea of providing good quality meals for busy people.

Heilala Vanilla

A true example of a pacific partnership that is working. Fresh to the Chef is proud to provide processing services for Heilala Vanilla. The richest grade of Vanilla in the Asia Pacific with an aroma, shine and plumpness coveted by chefs worldwide.