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Fresh to the Chef June 13-Jun-2017

What a crazy few months it has been on the greens, stressful for growers, us, you and me Broccoli pricing has eased a little NZ Capsicums pricing is high, volumes are low. Import..

23rd February Newsletter 24-Feb-2016

Good Evening On Special/Hot Buys Watties 5L tomato Sauce $10.50 each while stocks last. Salmon Skin on Bone Out Fillets $25.00kg extended till the end of next week Friday 4th March...

20th August Newsletter 20-Aug-2015

Good Morning Specials 20kg Bakers Flour Shott Syrups 750ml , only Hazelnut, Chai, Caramel on special Fruit and Veg Eggplant price is coming back We have around 80kg of tag..

Fresh to the Chef has purchased Cox Distributors Limited 03-Nov-2014

Fresh to the Chef has purchased Cox Distributors Limited, effective Friday 17th October and will be distributing for Food First Limited This relationship gives us and you access to a greater range..

Fresh to the Chef now Online! 18-Oct-2014

We have updated our website giving much better product information and the ability for you to order online. When we all get used to this system it will save both you and us time and give informat..